Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Burrrrrrrrr!!!!! It's Cold Outside

If this is any indecation of how winter is going to be , we are in for it. It is so cold here in Ohio and the temps are not changing for a while. I feel so sorry for my dog. He can't take the cold very long so I have to put a coat on him and boots on the back feet. He looks so funny but he just pounces throw the snow. We have hill in back yard and he brags me up it and down it several times before his does his job..... poohing...... by the time we both get in the house we have had our exercise.

Got some cookies baked today. I am not a good cookie baker but I think they will pass.  By the way have you ever tasted Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate.   They are sooooooo good. Can't stop at one.

Jamie's benifet turned out great. So many people were there. We couldn't find a place to set. There was standing room only and the weather was terrible, plus a winter advisory, but people really showed they care.I think they took in quite a sum of money, thank the Lord. I can't imagine the bills they will be having from the treatments even if you do have insurance, it doesn't cover everything. I pray it was a great encouragement to them.

My hubby just informed me that more snow is coming tomorrow. It is going to be a white Christmas. And speaking of that, I think people go way too far with this holiday. I'll watch my words but it would be nice if people would check out what this holiday really stands for. Oh, well..... after all , God has the last say.

Setting here drinking my hot water and just looked at the clock.... oh it is time to get off here and get to bed. Night all

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Our group was small this year, but we have a lot to be thankful for. God has been good to all. After a delicious dinner , the men went outside to shoot guns and the ladies helped the children make their ginger bread houses. So much fun........ Here are some pictures of how they turned out.

Becky helded Kristen out.

Kristen's finished house

Johna helped Rileigh


Alayna at work. She needed no help.

Finished. Good Job!

Zach working with Mommy's help.

Zach's finished house. Is he proud or what?


Janel helped Whitney out.

Whitney's finished house.
They all had so much fun. We will probably do it againf next year.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long Day

Today has been a long day. I stood all day and made candy for my sons. Crock pot candy which is yummy and microwave candy which is easy to do. ( that's the kind I like) and of course I had to make some buckeyes. So I am tired but I wanted to catch up with the quilts on this one post....These are not all of them but these are the latest one I have done. One got away from me before a picture was taken. It was cute too. baby blanket in blue and with bears.

It has snowed all day today.Flurries...Looked out the window and saw the deer in the yard. It really made it feel like winter.... Tonight wind chill is zero. Burrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! It's cold here in Ohio.
It has been a long day and I have other things I need to get done.  have a good night  ya'lll

Monday, December 6, 2010

My New Blog

Tonight I have started a new blog. Was having trouble with my other one . This is McKenzie's quilt that was on my other blog which is the tenth one that I have been able to do for my great grand children... Of course you all know that I love to quilt so I am putting some of them back on. At the right you will see my wonderful family. They are a great group of blessings. So for now this is all that I will post to get this started.
Have a good night.